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Table 1 A summary of hmAb experiments investigating ADE of heterologous flavivirus infection

From: Cross-reactive dengue virus-derived monoclonal antibodies to Zika virus envelope protein: Panacea or Pandora’s box?

Antibody Name Concentration (μg/ml) Target Epitope Cell line ADE Measurement Enhancement Strength
31.3F01 [11] 0.4 Unknown U937 Flow cytometry 48x
1.6D [13] 20 FLE K562 qRT-PCR 140x
D11C [13] 20 FLE K562 qRT-PCR 275x
ZKA3 [14]* 1 EDI/II K562 Flow cytometry ~75x
ZKA78 [14]* 1 EDI/II K562 Flow cytometry ~60x
DV82 [14] 1 EDI/II K562 Flow cytometry ~16x
753(3) C10 [15] 0.1nM** EDE1 U937 Focus forming assay ~80x
747(4) A11 [15] 1nM** EDE2 U937 Focus forming assay ~90x
750-2C5 [15] 1nM** FLE U937 Focus forming assay ~60x
  1. qRT-PCR quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction
  2. * = hmAbs taken from ZIKV-infected donors and tested for enhancement of DENV infection
  3. ** = Molar mass not quoted in paper so unable to convert to μg/ml
  4. ~ = Approximation as values read from graph