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Table 1 Main themes from topic list used during interviews with 20 (previously) HCV-infected MSM in the Amsterdam area from January 2011 to December 2012

From: Changing the odds: motives for and barriers to reducing HCV-related sexual risk behaviour among HIV-infected MSM previously infected with HCV

Circumstances of HCV diagnosis - Knowledge about HCV prior to diagnosis
- Sexual behaviour prior to diagnosis
- Feelings about HCV diagnosis
HCV infection - Current HCV status
- Perception of HCV since diagnosis
- Experiences with treatment of HCV
- Knowledge about reinfection
Sexual behaviour - Current sexual behaviour
- Sexual behaviour between diagnosis and treatment
- Sexual behaviour during HCV treatment
- Sexual behaviour after HCV treatment
Risk reduction strategies - Risk reduction strategies prior to HCV infection
- Risk reduction strategies after HCV infection
- Influences of HCV infection on risk reduction
- Perception of HCV risk in future
- Perception of self-efficacy of risk reduction