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Table 3 Details of specimens discrepant from the HIV reference result, in two or more assays

From: Laboratory evaluation of four HIV/syphilis rapid diagnostic tests

WHO N° Origin Result for HIV antibodies Reference Results Treponema pallidum Reference Results HIV
INSTI Multiplex HIV-1/HIV-2/Syphilis antibody test DPP HIV/Syphilis Assay SD Bioline HIV/Syphilis Duo Multiplo rapid TP/HIV Antibody test
Vitros Syphilis TPA assay TP particle agglutination (TTPA) Reference result for TP Vironostika HIV Ag/Ab Genscreen HIV 1/2 v2 Innotest HIV Ag mAb InnoLIA HIV1/2 Score Reference result for HIV
Initial Final Initial Final Initial Final Initial Final S/CO Result   Result OD/CO Result OD/CO Result OD/CO Result gp120 gp41 p31 p24 p17 gp105 gp36
140,235 Australia FN FN OK OK OK OK FN FN 89.10 R 640 R Positive 16.80 R 33,68 R 0.70 NR 1+ 1+ ± HIV-1 positive
140,058 Africa FR FR OK OK FR FR OK OK 302.00 R 2560 R Positive 0.26 NR 0,85 NR 0.41 NR NT        Negative
140,115 Africa FR OK FR FR OK OK OK OK 57.30 R 320 R Positive 0.29 NR 0,31 NR 0.51 NR NT        Negative
140,134 Africa FR OK FR OK OK OK OK OK 46.80 R 1280 R Positive 0.31 NR 0,35 NR 0.47 NR NT        Negative
  1. FR false reactive, FN false non-reactive, OK result is concordant with the reference result, S/CO sample signal/cut-off, OD/CO optical density/cut-off, R reactive, NR non-reactive, NT not tested