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Table 1 Sources of data on Salmonella used in this study

From: Diversity of Salmonella serotypes from humans, food, domestic animals and wildlife in New South Wales, Australia

Name data source Acronym Dates included Samples included Reason for sampling Molecular data No. isolates w. MLVA/Phage (%) No. isolates
Notifiable Conditions Incident Management System, NSW Health NCIMS 2001–2015 Human Diagnostic MLVA and Phage MLVA: 14550 (38.2) Phage: 14996 (39.4) 38,106
New South Wales Food Authority, Department of Primary Industries NSWFA 2010–2017 Food, Environment Surveillance, Outbreak- investigation MLVA 126 (12.5) 1006
State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Department of Primary Industries SVDL 2006–2015 Livestock, Wildlife (captive [zoo] and free-ranging) Diagnostic, Research, Surveillance Phage 25 (4.4) 569
Australian Registry Wildlife Health, Taronga Zoo ARWH 1989–2015 Wildlife (captive [zoo] and free-ranging) Diagnostic Phage 103 (21.7) 475
Electronic Wildlife Health Information System, Wildlife Health Australia eWHIS 2012–2016 Wildlife (free-ranging) Diagnostic, Research, Surveillance Phage 2 (40.0) 5
IDEXX Laboratories Pty Ltd IDEXX 2012–2017 Dog and cat Diagnostic None   407
National Enteric Pathogen Surveillance System, Microbiology Diagnostic Unit NEPSS 2006–2017 Non-human All None   9304
       Total isolates 49,872
  1. Where national data were available, only data from NSW are described