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Table 1 Cases with M. cirrosus infection

From: Primary cutaneous infection due to Microascus cirrosus: a case report

No Year Sex Age Underlying disease Involved sites Treatment Outcome Reference
1 1992 F 56 Toenail GSF, KTZ; Topical IMZ; Resistant [4]
F 63 Toenail GSF; Topical MCZ Resistant  
2 1995 M 12 AML, BMT Skin, Lung AMB Improvement in infection; Death due to AML relapse [2]
3 2006 M 49 AML, BMT Lung AMB, VRC, TRB; Surgery; Improvement in infection. [3]
4 2018 F 60 Emphysema SOT Tracheo-bronchia AMB, VRC, TRB, CAS, Debridement Cure [5]
5 2018 F 17 Skin ITC Cure
  1. Legend: AML Acute myelocytic leukemia, BMT Bone marrow transplantation, SOT Solid organ transplantation, GSF griseofulvin, KTZ ketoconazole, IMZ imidazole, MCZ miconazole