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Table 4 Adjusted CT seropositivity ratios of different ethnic groups (stratified by migration generation), as compared to Dutch. The analyses were adjusted for SRB, SES and sHSB

From: Differences in Chlamydia trachomatis seroprevalence between ethnic groups cannot be fully explained by socioeconomic status, sexual healthcare seeking behavior or sexual risk behavior: a cross-sectional analysis in the HEalthy LIfe in an Urban Setting (HELIUS) study

Ethnicity PR + 95% CI
South Asian Surinamese- first generation 1.26 (0.89–1.79)
South Asian Surinamese- second generation 1.27 (1.02–1.59)*
African Surinamese- first generation 1.80 (1.47–2.20)*
African Surinamese- second generation 1.66 (1.36–2.02)*
Ghanaian- first generation 1.73 (1.31–2.29)*
Ghanaian- second generation 1.04 (0.67–1.63)
Turkish- first generation 0.91 (0.64–1.31)
Turkish- second generation 0.85 (0.64–1.13)
Moroccan- first generation 1.22 (0.86–1.71)
Moroccan- second generation 1.04 (0.79–1.38)
  1. * Indicates a statistically significant result (p <0.05)