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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of study participants

From: Confirmation of HCV viremia using HCV RNA and core antigen testing on dried blood spot in HIV infected peoples who inject drugs in Vietnam

 Patients (total) 101
 Sex Male/Female 97/4
 Age years (IQR) 34.3 (31.2–40.3)
 IV drug use (n) 72 (69.2%)
HCV and HIV diseases characteristics
 Fibrosis > F2 (n) 24 (23%)
 CD4 T cell count (μl, IQR) 504 (357–624)
 Nadir of CD4 T cells (μl, IQR) 82 (35–173)
 2NRTI and NNRTI 97 (96%)
 2NRTI and IP 5 (4%)
 HIV RNA < 50 copies/ml (n) 97 (96%)
  1. Median and interquartile range (IQR) were used for continuous variables
  2. SD Standard deviation, NRTI Nucleosidique Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors, NNRTI Non Nucleosidique Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors