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Table 5 Correlation of antifungal consumption (based on mean DOT/1000 PD) and non-albicans Candida isolation

From: Correlation between antifungal consumption and the distribution of Candida species in different hospital departments of a Lebanese medical Centre

   Non-albicans Candida Candida glabrata
Total antifungals Spearman’s coefficient 0.38 0.12
p-value 0.46 0.83
Azoles Spearman’s coefficient 0.40 0.13
p-value 0.43 0.80
Echinocandins Spearman’s coefficient 0.39 0.18
p-value 0.43 0.73
Amphotericin B Spearman’s coefficient 0.27 −0.003
p-value 0.59 0.99
  1. N.B. A positive value (Spearman’s coefficient) represents a positive correlation and a negative value (Spearman’s coefficient) represents a negative correlation