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Table 3 SNPs between Isolates from Clusters Identified by Shared Uncommon Spoligotypes

From: Genomic sequencing is required for identification of tuberculosis transmission in Hawaii

Manila-like Cluster 3
  71 72 73  
71 X    
72 3 X   
73 1 2 X  
H3 Cluster 1
  75 76 78 XX
75 X
76 1227 X
78 1230 3 X
  1. Matrix displaying the number of SNPs between each pair of isolates from Manila-like Cluster 3 and H3 Cluster 1. With all isolates in Manila-like Cluster 3 separated by only one to three SNPs, this fingerprinting cluster was determined to represent an actual transmission cluster. For H3 Cluster 1, with only three SNPs between isolates 76 and 78, transmission is indicated between them, but not between them and 75. One final isolate has not been sequenced for this project as it was unavailable, and its DNA extraction number has been notated here as “XX”