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Table 4 NNRTIs drug resistance mutations during the second-line antiretroviral treatment

From: Research on the treatment effects and drug resistances of long-term second-line antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected patients from Henan Province in China

ID NNRTI Mutations at different time-points
Baseline Second-line therapy(months)
6 12 18 24 48
1001 V106AV,Y181C,H221Y K103 N
1002 None None None None None None
1007 K103 N,Y181C K103 N,Y181C
1013 K103 N K103 N  
1022 V90I,K103S,G190A V90I,K103S,G190A K103S,G190A K103S,G190A K103S,G190A V90I, K103S, G190A
1026 V106A,V108I,F227 L None
1027 V108I,Y181C,H221Y V108I,Y181C,H221Y V108I,Y181C V108I,Y181C V108I,Y181C V108I, Y181CY
1028 None None None None None None
1029 Y181C,H221HY V106A,F227 L     
1031 K103 N K103 N
1032 H221Y None None
1036 None V179DV     
1045 K103 N,P225HY,F227FL K103 N,P225HPSY,F227FL K103 N,P225HP,F227FL    K103 N
1049 None None None None   
1056 None None None None None
1062 None None None None   
1067 None None None
1068 K103KN    None None None
1069 K103 N,Y181C,K238H K103 N,Y181C,K238H
1076 None    None None None
1078 K101KPQT,K103KN None
1083 Y188L Y188L
1106 V179IL,Y188FHLY None Y188FHLY
1112 None V106IV,G190S     
1126 None None
1134 None None None None   
1135 K103KN K103 N None
1136 K103S,G190A,H221HY K103S, G190A
1155 K101E,G190S K101E,G190S None
1161 K103 N,Y181C,H221Y K103 N,Y181C
1165 None None
1169 K101HKNQ,K103KN,G190A K101H,G190A K101H,G190A K101H,G190A None
1170 None None None
1173 None None
1174 V106I,V108I,G190A V106I,V108I,G190A V108I,G190A None
1175 K103 N K103 N
1181 None None None
1182 G190S None
1195 K103 N,V108I,P225H,K238 T K103 N,V108I,P225H,K238 T
1196 V106A,F227Y,M230 L V106A,F227Y,M230 L
1197 K101HN,V108I,Y181C,H221Y K101HN,V108I,Y181C,H221Y
1198 Y188L V90I,Y188L   Y188FLY   V106IV
1199 None None
1202 None None None None
1203 K103 N,Y181C K103 N,Y181C
1205 V106 M,Y188C V106 M,Y188CFLR V106 M,Y188L V106 M,Y188L
  1. NNRTIs Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor; “—”:No sequence obtained; None: no drug-resistant mutation was detected;