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Table 3 Key Variables and Sources of Information for Participants

From: Study of Healthcare Personnel with Influenza and other Respiratory Viruses in Israel (SHIRI): study protocol

  Self-reported Electronic Medical Records Time Period
Enrollment survey EOS survey EMR Employee Records From year(s) prior to the study Data from years enrolled in study
 Date of birth       
 Marital status     
 Country of birth       
 Immigration date       
 Ethnicity by country of birth of individual, the parents, or grandparents       
 Socio-economic status by clinic address     
 Supplementary insurance status       
 Dates enrolled as CHS member       
 Level of education     
 Household composition (number of rooms; number of family members in the house)     
 Occupation and work responsibilities    
 Family income     
Health Status and Risk Behaviors       
 Health status and health behaviors     
 Smoking status, history       
 Pack years       
 Body mass index       
 Medication use for chronic conditions and immunosuppressants       
 Perceptions of illness, vaccines, missing work     
 Recollection of influenza vaccination (for vaccinated HCP)      
 Reasons for not receiving the influenza vaccine (for unvaccinated HCP)      
 Job satisfaction     
Influenza Vaccination Documentation       
 Vaccine administration date     
 Vaccine type     
 Vaccine manufacturer & lot     
Employee Records of Illness Absences      
Acute Respiratory Illness       
 Number of inpatient admissions associated with acute illness     
Chronic Medical Conditions and Pregnancy       
 Number of ambulatory or inpatient medical encounters associated with chronic medical condition     
 Chronic medical conditions       
  1. Abbreviations: EOS end of season, EMR electronic medical record, CHS Clalit health plan, HCP healthcare personnel