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Table 2 Study Sites

From: Study of Healthcare Personnel with Influenza and other Respiratory Viruses in Israel (SHIRI): study protocol

Name of study site Location Number of employees Number Of beds Number of eligible participants, 2016c Number of eligible participants, 2017d
Soroka University Medical Center Beer Sheva, Israel 4300b 1074a 2436 2853
Beilinson Hospital Petah Tikva, Israel 5500b 850b 1988 2260
  1. aData as of 2016; Data were extracted from Israeli Ministry of Health reports
  2. bData of 2017; Data were extracted from employee records from the CHS EHR and Israeli Ministry of Health reports
  3. cRecruitment in 2016 began in October, when nationwide vaccination was already in progress. HCP who had already been vaccinated in the current season were not eligible for the study
  4. dExcludes participants enrolled in 2016
  5. Number of beds data was obtained from Israeli Ministry of Health reports
  6. Abbreviations: CHS Clalit Health Services, EMR electronic medical record, HCP healthcare personnel