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Table 2 Susceptibility testing for Eikenella corrodens and Gemella bergeri

From: Purpura fulminans with Lemierre’s syndrome caused by Gemella bergeri and Eikenella corrodens: a case report

Pathogens and antimicrobial agents MIC (mg/L) and interpretation of susceptibility
E. corrodens
 Amoxicillin-clavulanic acid 0.25/0.125 (S)
 Cefotaxime 0.06 (S)
 Imipenem 0.38 (S)
 Clindamycin 24 (NA)
G. bergeri
 Benzylpenicillin ≤0.03 (S)
 Cefotaxime ≤0.125 (S)
 Ceftriaxone ≤0.125 (S)
 Meropenem ≤0.125 (S)
 Vancomycin 1 (S)
 Erythromycin ≤0.125 (S)
 Levofloxacin ≤0.25 (S)
 Clindamycin ≤0.125 (S)
  1. MIC Minimum inhibitory concentration, NA Not available in CLSI M45-A3 documents, S Susceptible