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Table 1 Inclusion criteria

From: Protocol, rationale and design of SELPHI: a randomised controlled trial assessing whether offering free HIV self-testing kits via the internet increases the rate of HIV diagnosis

Randomisation A Randomisation B
ᅟ• Male (including trans men) and trans women
ᅟ• Aged ≥16 years old
ᅟ• Resident in England or Wales
ᅟ• Not known to be HIV-positive
ᅟ• Has ever had anal sex with a man
ᅟ• Willing to provide name, date of birth, and a valid email address
ᅟ• Consent for linkage to surveillance and clinic databases held by Public Health England
ᅟ• Not previously randomised to the study
• Allocated to baseline self-test (BT) in Randomisation A
• Completes the first survey after 3-months and:
ᅟο Reports using self-test sent at baseline
ᅟο Remains HIV-negative
ᅟο Reports condomless anal sex with ≥1 male partners in previous 3 months
ᅟο Interested in using HIV self-test kits in the future