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Table 1 TRUST Participant Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

From: Impact of alcohol consumption on tuberculosis treatment outcomes: a prospective longitudinal cohort study protocol

Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
At least 15 years old Treated for TB in the last 2 years (defined as at least 1 month of TB treatment)
Initiating TB treatment Have RIF-resistant TB (RIF resistance will be known at screening from Xpert MTB/RIF)
Expect to remain in the local area for the next 2 years Extrapulmonary TB
Agree to comply with all study requirements, including provision of contact information and attendance at all study appointments Contraindication to start on standard 4-drug therapy
Provide written, informed consent to participate in the study if ≥18 years of age or written individual consent and separate parental consent if < 18 years No documented HIV status from the previous 6 months and refuse HIV testing
  Pregnant at study enrollment
  History of epilepsy
  Do not speak English or Afrikaans
  HIV seropositive (for Aim 2 only)
  1. Abbreviations: TB, tuberculosis, RIF, rifampin