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Table 3 Expected and actual PCR products on gel are shown. Despite of deviation of amplicon sizes in both individual PCR products and home-made ladder containing mixture of PCR products, target species were clearly distinguishable from each other

From: Identification of nine cryptic species of Candida albicans, C. glabrata, and C. parapsilosis complexes using one-step multiplex PCR

Target species Expecetd PCR product size Actual home-made ladder PCR product sizes on gel (approximately) Actual indidividual PCR product size on gel (approximately)
Candida albicans 1090 bps 950 bps 1200 bps
Candida africana 901 bps 800 bps 1100 bps
Candida dubliniensis 721 bps 600 bps 950 bps
Candida nivariensis 588 bps 500 bps 700 bps
Candida orthopsilosis 476 bps > 400 bps 576 bps
Candida glabrata 386 bps > 350 bps 486 bps
Candida metapsilosis 308 bps ˜280 bps 400 bps
Candida bracarensis 214 bps ˜200 bps 300 bps
Candida parapsilosis 112 bps 100 bps 250 bps