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Table 4 Systematic review of Trichosporonosis meningitis cases published in the literature from to 1970 to 2018

From: Trichosporon inkin meningitis in Northeast Brazil: first case report and review of the literature

Country Sex/Age Diagnosis/Underlying diseases Species isolated Clinical Sample Treatment/outcome Year/Reference
Brazil    Trichosporon inkin CSF   Present study
Singapore F/50 Disseminated trichosporonosis/Aplastic Anemia T. asahii CSF, Blood AMB, VOR, ITR, POS/ Survived 2016 [24]
India M/18 Chronic meningo-ventriculitis and intraventricular fungal ball/immunocompetent T. asahii Intraventricular biopsy and CSF AMB/died 2015 [20]
Iran M/34 Brain abscess/ autoimmune hepatitis, hypothyroidism T. asahii Brain abscess Surgical resection, AMB and ITC/ survived 2012 [18]
India NI Meningitis/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Trichosporon sp. CSF AMB, FLU, survived 2012 [19]
Jamaica F/44 Meningitis and cerebral abscess/diabetes, burns T. asahii Facial wounds, sputum, and a meningeal swab None/died 2011 [4]
Taiwan NI Meningitis/NI T. montevideense CSF NI 2009 [2]
India M/18 Disseminated trichosporonosis/Imunnocompetent T. asahii CSF FLU/survived 2007 [22]
India F/36 Chronic meningitis/ Chronic back pain after fall T. beigelii CSF None/died 1995 [21]
Belgium M/15 Meningitis/acute lymphocytic leukaemia T. beigelii CSF AMB, FC and FLU/died 1990 [23]
South Africa F/39 Brain abscess/adenocarcinoma T. cutaneum Brain lesions None/died 1970 [25]