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Table 1 Timeline of exposition to multiple risk conditions of a patient submitted to an acoustic neuroma surgery and further developed meningitis in Natal city, Rio Grande do Norte State, Northeast Brazil

From: Trichosporon inkin meningitis in Northeast Brazil: first case report and review of the literature

Period of time Acoustic neuroma surgery Corticosteroids usage Appearence of the fistula Antibiotics usage CSFa analisys performing Surgical fistula correction VPb shunt Antifungal therapy Trichosporon positive culture Death
Week 1 X          
Week 6   X         
Week 8   X X X X      
Week 9   X   X       
Week 13   X         
Week 17   X X X X      
Week 18   X   X       
Week 19   X   X       
Week 20   X X X X X     
Week 21   X   X       
Week 22   X   X       
Week 23   X   X X X X X X  
Week 24   X   X     X   
Week 25         X X  
Week 26         X   X
  1. aCSF Cerebrospinal fluid, bVP Ventriculoperitoneal