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Table 3 Patient experience of symptoms and family experience of signs r/t NSTI

From: Signs, symptoms and diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis experienced by survivors and family: a qualitative Nordic multi-center study

Symptoms (reported by patient) Signs (reported by patient and family)
Pain (n = 20)
Feeling of being unwell
Chills or shivering
Flu-like symptoms, aching body
Decreased mobility
Tired, fatigued, weak
Abnormal thirst
Feeling that something is very wrong
Anxiety, fear, panic
Difficulty breathing
Dizzy or confused
Apathy or listlessness
High fever (n = 14)
Local swelling (n = 13)
Red or blue skin (n = 12)
Vomiting or diarrhea (n = 9)
Boil or abscess (n = 7)
Chills or fever (n = 5)
Rapid heart rate (n = 3)
Local heat (n = 2)