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Table 2 Biochemical results for H. ovis isolate compared to results obtained for H. ovis control strains

From: Helcococcus ovis in a patient with an artificial eye: a case report and literature review

Phenotypic characteristic H. ovis control strainsa H. ovis in our study
CCUG 37441 CCUG 39041
β-Galactosidase + +
α-Glucosidase + +
Cyclodextrin + +
Leucine aminopeptidase + +
β-Glucuronidase + +
sorbitol +
N-Acetyl-D-Glucosaminidase +
Mannitol +
Methyl-β-D-glucopyranoside +
Pullulan +
Raffinose +
Trehalose +
Arginine dihydrolase +
  1. Note: aWe didn’t test H. ovis control strains, and the results of H. ovis control strains came from the results of Collins’ and Kutzer’s studies