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Table 3 Detection of H7N9 virus in the clinical samples

From: Development of a quadruple qRT-PCR assay for simultaneous identification of highly and low pathogenic H7N9 avian influenza viruses and characterization against oseltamivir resistance

Clinical samples H7 (HP/LP)a N9 (292R/K) GISAID NO.
Multiplex qRT-PCR Kit-1 Kit-2 Sanger sequencing Multiplex qRT-PCR Sanger sequencing
SZ01 32.5 (LP) 32.46 (LP) 33.28 (LP) LP R R EPI_ISL_250424
SZ02 35.92 (LP) 35.85 (LP) 35.52 (LP) LP R R EPI_ISL_250425
SZ03 31.79 (LP) 31.26 (LP) 31.9 (LP) LP R R EPI_ISL_250313
SZ04 26.74 (LP) 27.16 (LP) 27.05 (LP) LP K K EPI_ISL_250314
SZ05 26.04 (HP) 26.74 (HP) 25.28 (HP) HP R R EPI_ISL_250312
SZ06 26.91 (LP) 26.35 (LP) 26.43 (LP) LP R R EPI_ISL_250315
SZ07 28.57 (HP) 27.95 (HP) 28.91 (HP) HP K K EPI_ISL_259757
SZ08 19.81 (HP) 20.29 (HP) 20.22 (HP) HP K K EPI_ISL_266936
YN01 27.35 (LP) 28.31 (LP) 29.05 (LP) LP R R EPI_ISL_250316
YN02 36.03 (LP) 35.22 (LP) 35.13 (LP) LP R R EPI_ISL_250317
  1. aThe Ct values of the commercial kits and our developed method for universal H7 were shown