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Table 1 Laboratory Findings at First Presentation

From: T. marneffei infection complications in an HIV-negative patient with pre-existing pulmonary sarcoidosis: a rare case report

glucose 4.34 g/L AFP 4.2 ng/ml
T-BIL 14.0 μmol/L CA724 0.9 U/ml
GGT 420 g/L CYRA21–1 2.1 ng/ml
ALT 92 μmol/L WBC 8.46 × 109 /L
AST 60 μmol/L Neu 68.3%
BUN 4.51 g/L Lym 8.0%
SCr 59 g/L EOS 17.4%
CRP 114.84 mg/L Hb 124 g/L
PCT 1.840 ng/ml MCV 84.6 fl
HIV-Ab (−) PLT 300 × 109 /L
SCC 0.4 ng/mL Serum G assay (−)
NSE 22.1 ng/ml Serum GM assay (−)
Pro-GRP 28.3 pg/mL T-spot (−)
CEA 0.9 U/ml Total IgE >2500.00 KIU/L
CA125 41.6 U/ml BAL-G assay (+)
CA199 12.5 U/ml BAL-GM assay (−)
  1. T-BIL Total- bilirubin, GGT gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, ALT alanine transaminase, AST aspartate transaminase, BUN blood urea nitrogen, SCr serum creatinine, CRP=C-reactive protein, PCT procalcitonin, SCC squamous cell carcinoma antigen, NSE neuron specific endase, pro-GRP Human pro-gastrin-reliasing peptide, CEA carcinoembryonic antigen, CA125 carbohydrate antigen 125, CA199 carbohydrate antigen 199, AFP alpha fetoprotein, CA724 carbohydrate antigen 724, CYRA21–1 cytokeratin 19 fragment, WBC white blood cell count, Neu neutrophil count, Lym lymphocyte count, EOS eosnophils, Hb hemoglobin, MCV Mean Corpuscular Volume, PLT platelets, G assay (1/3) -b-D-glucan assay; GM assay galactomannan antigen assay