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Table 5 Care and Counseling Provided to HIV-Exposed Infants at 7 Health Facilities

From: Retention outcomes and drivers of loss among HIV-exposed and infected infants in Uganda: a retrospective cohort study

  Regional Referral Hospital Regional Referral Hospital Regional Referral Hospital District Hospital Health Center IV Health Center IV Health Center IV
Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis
Growth monitoring- weight
Growth monitoring- height
Immunization assessment and referral
Clinical assessment for signs/symptoms of HIV
Developmental assessment
Counseling on nutrition and feeding practices
Counseling on testing algorithm and EID process
Always provided: provided as routine practice at every clinic visit, with rare exceptions
Sometimes provided: provided occasionally, ad hoc, or only when triggered for specific reason(s)
— Rarely or never provided: not provided at all except in rare situations
  1. Assessment of clinical care provided to HIV-exposed infants and counseling of their caregivers. Results were derived from analysis and triangulation of qualitative data from direct observation of HIV-exposed infant clinic visits and interviews with health workers