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Table 2 Key variables of interest and data sources at the hospital

From: Retention outcomes and drivers of loss among HIV-exposed and infected infants in Uganda: a retrospective cohort study

Variables Data Sources Clinics within Health Facility
• Dates of each HEI follow-up visit • DBS Dispatch Register • Lab
• Purpose of visits • EID Follow-Up Cards • ART Clinic
• Whether test results received • EID Data Register • Antenatal Clinic
• When test results received • Transport Refund Register • Postnatal Clinic
• Breastfeeding status • Test result slips for HEI • Immunization Clinic
• Provision of Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis • Homemade clinic attendance registers • Outpatient Department
• Clinical care indicators • Homemade HEI clinic attendance registers • Feeding Units
• When due for 2nd PCR • Homemade follow-up register for HIV-exposed infants • Pediatric Ward
• Whether transport refund given • Antenatal, Postnatal & Immunization Registers • Maternity Ward
• Dates of sample dispatch and result return to facility • Pediatric Ward Register • Adult Wards
• Referring clinic (entry point for HEI) • Outpatient Register  
• HIV+: If/when enrolled at ART clinic • Pre-ART & ART Registers  
• HIV+: Dates of each visit at ART clinic • Patient files for HIV+ patients  
• HIV+: If initiated on ART and when   
• HIV+: CD4 tests and clinical stage   
  1. HEI HIV-exposed infant, PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction, ART Antiretroviral Therapy, DBS Dried Blood Spot, EID Early Infant Diagnosis