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Table 1 Health facilities in this study

From: Retention outcomes and drivers of loss among HIV-exposed and infected infants in Uganda: a retrospective cohort study

Facility Name Facility Level Region Cohort Review? Qualitative Assessment?
Masaka Hospital Regional Referral Hospital Southwest Yes Yes
Jinja Hospital Regional Referral Hospital East Yes Yes
Lira Hospital Regional Referral Hospital North Yes Yes
Kayunga Hospital District Hospital East-Central No Yes
Wakiso H/C IV Health Center IV Central No Yes
Mukono H/C IV Health Center IV East-Central No Yes
Namayumba H/C IV Health Center IV Central No Yes
  1. The five levels of the health system are 1) Regional Referral Hospital, 2) District Hospital, 3) Health Center IV, 4) Health Center III, and 5) Health Center II. During the review period, EID and pediatric ART services were mostly provided at the level of ‘Health Center IV’ and above