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Fig. 5

From: MALDI-TOF MS monitoring of PBMC activation status in sepsis

Fig. 5

Comparison between in vitro and in vivo data. Averaged spectra of PBMCs stimulated in vitro by different agonists were generated from the database using the Biotyper software. The spectra (n = 16) from four patients with E. coli bacteremia, two patients with S. aureus bacteremia and six patients with undocumented infection were then compared with the averaged spectra of the database. Scatter plots of one representative septic patient with E. coli infection (a), S. aureus infection (b) or without microbiological documentation (c) are presented. Matching scores between each spectrum from patients and averaged spectra from the database are represented with circles. Horizontal lines represent the medians of matching scores; a value higher than 1.5 was considered significant and allowed confident identification of the activation status of PBMCs. The nonparametric Mann-Whitney U test was used to compare scores with the averaged spectra of the database

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