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Table 1 Summary Characteristics of the included studies

From: Statin use and all-cause mortality in people living with HIV: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Study period Study design Country Setting/population Indication CVD risk Male (%) Age (mean/median) Sample size Statin therapy Multivariate analysis (adjusted)
Moore et al., [40] 2011 1998 to 2009 Cohort USA Johns Hopkins HIV Clinical Cohort Primary prevention Antihypertensive use: 29.3%, total cholesterol: 166 (141–194) mg/dL 67.2 43 (36–49) 1538 Atorvastatin. Pravastatin, rosuvastatin [15.5%] CD4, HIV-1 RNA, haemoglobin and cholesterol levels at the start of HAART, age, race, HIV risk group, prior use of ART, year of HAART start, NNRTI vs. PI-based ART, prior AIDS-defining illness, and viral hepatitis coinfection
*Drechsler et al., [36] 2013 1995 to 2009 Cohort USA Veteran Affairs’ Clinical Case Registry Primary prevention Smokers: 50% 98 46.8 (40.6–52.9) 25,884 Atorvastatin, rosuvastatin [35%] Age, gender, race, HCV-co-infection, hypertension, smoking, BMI, CD4 strata, LDL-strata
*Knobel et al., [37] 2013 2002–2013 Cohort Spain HIV clinic in Barcelona Primary prevention Framingham score > 20%: 8.5%, ever smokers: 67% 72.2 42.09 (9.29) 733 Not reported [21%] Baseline CD4 cell count, baseline viral load, undetectable viral load at follow-up, Framingham risk score, age, HIV transmission group, chronic liver disease, and smoking status
Overton et al., [41] 2013 2000–2013 Cohort USA Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group Longitudinal Linked Randomized Trials (ALLRT) Primary prevention Framingham score > 10%: 10%, current smokers: 38% 83 39 (33–46) 3601 Not reported [13%] Age, sex, race/ethnicity, intravenous drug history, history of coronary artery disease (CAD), hepatitis B coinfection, systolic BP, eGFR, glucose, current use of lipid-lowering drugs other than statins, HIV-1 RNA, CD4 count, current smoking, and waist-to-hip ratio.
Rasmussen et al., [42] 2015 1998–2009 Cohort Denmark Danish HIV Cohort Study (DHCS) Primary prevention Total cholesterol > 5 mmol/L: 28.3% 73.1 39.3 (33.0–46.3) 1738 Not reported [10%] Age intervals (time-updated), gender, race, HIV-transmission group, hepatitis C status, calendar year of HAART initiation, AIDS defining illnesses prior to HAART, ART use before initiating HAART, CD4 cell count, viral load and cholesterol at HAART initiation.
Krask et al., [38] 2015 2000–2015 Cohort USA Nutrition For Healthy Living (NFHL) Primary prevention Framingham score: 6.5, hypertensive: 35%, diabetic: 7%, smokers: 47%, metabolic syndrome: 23% 68 44.3 (7.7) 438 Not reported [15%] Race, HBV, HCV, LDL, CD4 cell count, age, smoking, statin duration
Lang et al., [39] 2015 2000–2009 Cohort France French Hospital Database on HIV (FHDH-ANRS CO4) Primary prevention Current smokers: 42.1%, hypertensive 13.7%, diabetics: 10.1% 88.9 50.5 (10) 1776 Not reported [8%] Stepwise multivariable model using age, gender, HIV transmission group, current CD4 and CD8 T cell counts, CD4 T cell nadir, CD4/CD8 T cell ratio, CD4 T cell nadir/CD8 T cell ratio, plasma HIV-1 RNA level, AIDS status, the haemoglobin level, body mass index (BMI), smoking status, hypertension or use of antihypertensive treatment, diabetes or use of antidiabetic treatment, anti-HCV antibodies and HBs antigen status, non-AIDS malignancy (CIM-10 definition), liver failure, chronic kidney disease, cirrhosis, and pulmonary embolism.
  1. *Conference abstracts