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Table 1 Respiratory viruses detected from the surface and air samples

From: Deposition of respiratory virus pathogens on frequently touched surfaces at airports

Sample type Sampling area Positive/number of samples Detected respiratory virus
Surface Toilet: upper surface the toilet bowl lid 0/14 none
Surface Toilet: button for flushing 0/14 none
Surface Toilet: lock at the door inside the toilet 0/14 none
Surface Hand-carried luggage boxes at the security check area 4/8 adeno
influenza A
human corona OC43
Surface Armrest of a chair at the waiting area 0/6 none
Surface Handrails of an escalator 0/10 none
Surface Handrails of stairs 1/7 human corona OC43
Surface Plastic toy dog in children’s playgroung 2/3 rhino
Surface The trolley handles for luggage 0/3 none
Surface The buttons of an elevator 0/3 none
Surface The touch screen on the check-in machine 0/3 none
Surface Desk and divider glass at the passport control point 1/3 rhino
Surface Buttons of payment terminal at the pharmacy 1/2 rhino and human corona OC43
Air At the security check area 1/4 adeno