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Table 4 Receiver Operator Characteristic AUC scores of different signatures to discriminate active TB from controls

From: “Tuberculosis in advanced HIV infection is associated with increased expression of IFNγ and its downstream targets”

Gene list source HIV Genes in signature AUC 95% CI
Sweeney et al. (PMID: 26907218) yes DUSP3, GBP5, KLF2 0.89 0.771–1
Laux de Costa et al. (PMID: 26025597) no GBP5, FcGR1A, GZMA 0.87 0.7575–1
Maertzdorf et al. (PMID: 26682570) yes GBP1, IFITM3, P2RY14, ID3 0.91 0.8001–1
Sambarey et al. (PMID: 28065665) no FcGR1A, HK3, RAB13, RBBP8, IFI44L, TIMM10, BCL6, SMARCD3, CYP4F3, SLPI 0.92 0.8453–1