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Table 1 CoCanCPG adapted checklist for critical appraisal of literature

From: Management and control of communicable diseases in schools and other child care settings: systematic review on the incubation period and period of infectiousness

Author, year Ida Czumbel, Chantal Quinten, Pierluigi Lopalco, Jan C. Semenza
Journal BMC infectious diseases
Internal validity  
The study addresses a clearly focused question Page 4
The study population is clearly described Page 4
The population is representative of the source population Extraction table:
Cases are clearly defined Extraction table:
Pathogen presence is lab-confirmed via standard valid and reliable methods (in outbreak investigations: at least once, in other studies: for most cases)(not necessary in case of erythematous diseases) Extraction table:
The outcomes are clearly defined Pages 6–11
Where applicable, sampling frequency is sufficient Extraction table:
Where applicable, modifying variables (such as age, treatment, vaccination status, symptoms) are identified and taken into account in the analysis Extraction table:
Variation (e.g. range, SD) in outcome of interest is provided Pages 6–11
Where applicable, variation (e.g. range, SD) in outcome of interest is provided for separate strata Pages 6–11
The outcome of interest the main subject of the paper Pages 6–11
External validity
The population is representative of the target population (otherwise healthy children in day care facilities or schools) Extraction table:
Overall assessment of the study
Are the results valid? Level of evidence Source of data (Adapted Pallas)
I. Systematic review, metaanalysis or well-designed epidemilogic or experimental study with ≥50 subjects
II. Well-designed epidemilogic or experimental study with 5–50 subjects
III. Case reports with < 5 subjects, or poorly substantiated larger study
IV. Opinion or clinical experience of experts (not supported by published data)
Level (I) A evidence: varicella
Level (II) B evidence: measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, meningococcal disease, EHEC, hepatitis A, influenza,
Design-specific comments/limitations (e.g. in case of trials) for certain diseases only a few studies exist difficulty in finding the relevant information in a systematic search, as parameters are not always in title/abstract/key words poor sampling procedures, poor definition of key variables, poor reporting of study population and small sample size no standards on the effectiveness of public health interventions e.g. exclusions exist thus no conclusions on the effectiveness of school exclusion can be drawn based on our findings
General comments/limitation Relevant publications in the field of infectious diseases also include outbreak investigations, surveillance studies or other observational studies and for these studies no standard CoCanCPG checklists are available, for the existing review the checklist was adapted.
General comment The findings could serve as a basis for the development of an evidence based document on minimum school leave for an infectious disease