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Table 1 Classification of aggregate categories based on self-reported occupations

From: Contact among healthcare workers in the hospital setting: developing the evidence base for innovative approaches to infection control

  Self-reported Occupation Category
1 Central Supply Technician Admin/Support
2 Housekeeping
3 Receptionist
4 Service Assistant
5 Volunteer
6 Ward Clerk
7 Nurse Nurse
8 Nursing Student
9 Staff Physician Physician
10 Postgraduate Medical Trainee
11 Medical trainee
12 Medical Imaging Technologist oHCW
13 Patient Attendants/Sitters
14 Pharmacist
15 Physiotherapist/Occupational Therapist
16 Respiratory Therapist
17 Social Worker
18 Othera
19 Other Student Disciplinea
  1. aRespondents were assigned to one of the four above categories based on their description in the free-text field provided