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Table 2 Performance Measures of each Statistical Modeling Technique using Meteorological Factors and its Time lags in predicting the Dengue incidence of Metropolitan Manila in 2013

From: Machine learning methods reveal the temporal pattern of dengue incidence using meteorological factors in metropolitan Manila, Philippines

Statistical Modeling Technique Datasets Root Mean Square Error Mean Absolute Error
General Additive Modeling (GAM) Meteorological Factors (MF) 0.33 0.27
Lagged MF (LG) 0.22 0.17
Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (SARIMAX) Meteorological Factors (MF) 0.42 0.39
Lagged MF (LG) 0.31 0.27
Random Forest (RF) Meteorological Factors (MF) 0.29 0.23
Lagged MF (LG) 0.21 0.15
Gradient Boosting (GB) Meteorological Factors (MF) 0.30 0.24
Lagged MF (LG) 0.23 0.17