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Table 1 Health departments data sources and NTM identification method for the year 2014

From: Increasing nontuberculous mycobacteria reporting rates and species diversity identified in clinical laboratory reports

State Data source Year NTM identification method NTM laboratory report Report ratea
Mississippi Mississippi’s public health     
laboratories + accredited 2014 HPLC and DNA probes 529 17.6
laboratories (hospitals and/01  
commercial laboratories)     
Missouri Missouri’s public health   HPLC and DNA probes   
laboratories + few hospitals 2014 879 14.5
+ commercial laboratories    
Ohio Ohio’s public health laboratories + hospitals + commercial laboratories 2014 HPLC, DNA probes, sequencing of the hsp65 and rpoB gene and biochemical test 1379 11.8
Wisconsin    HPLC and DNA   
  2014 probes and inconclusive isolates are sequenced. 1413 24.5
Total     4200 16.0
  1. a Rate per 100,000 persons