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Table 2 Distribution of the ten MRSA strains in details

From: Molecular epidemiology and virulence characteristics of Staphylococcus aureus nasal colonization in medical laboratory staff: comparison between microbiological and non-microbiological laboratories

Strain No. Hospital Department Age/Gender spa type SCCmec Resistance pattern Virulence pattern
1 A NMLS 22/Female t008 IVa DA sea/tsst-1/hemolysis α/γ/δ/icaD/pvl
2 A NMLS 20/Female t437 IVa sea/seb/she/tsst-1/hemolysis α/γ/δ/icaD/pvl
3 A NMLS 23/Female t701 IVd DA/E /TE sea/eta/hemolysis α/γ/δ/icaD/pvl
4 B NMLS 34/Female t571 IVa DA/E/RD seh/tsst-1/hemolysis α/γ/δ/icaD
5 B NMLS 29/Male t441 I DA/E /TE seb/tsst-1/hemolysis α/β/γ/δ/icaD/ pvl
6 ZE NMLS 33/Female t437 IVa DA/E seb/seh/tsst-1/hemolysis α/β/γ/δ/icaD
7 ZE NMLS 32/Female t037 III DA/E/RD sea/seh/tsst-1/hemolysis α/β/γ/δ/icaD
8 P NMLS 53/Male t437 IVa DA/E /C seb/seh/tsst-1/hemolysis α/β/γ/δ/icaD
9 Z MLS 32/Female t437 IVa DA/E /TE seb/seh/tsst-1/hemolysis α/β/γ/δ/icaD/pvl
10 ZD MLS 50/Male t548 IVd DA/E/ C/TE sed/seg/seh/sei/sej/sen/seo/sem/tsst-1/hemolysis α/γ/δ/icaD
  1. MLS, microbiological lab staff; NMLS, non-microbiological lab staff; −,not detected; DA,clindamycin; TE,tetracycline; E,erythromycin; RD, rifampin; C,chloramphenicol; Sea~seo, gene encoding staphylococcal enterotoxins; hla~hlg, gene encoding α-haemolysin~γ- hemolysin; tsst-1, gene encoding toxic shock syndrome toxin 1; pvl, gene encoding Panton-Valentine leukocidin; icaD, gene relative with the bio-film formation