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Table 4 Incremental cost-effectiveness of diagnostic tests for XDR-TB

From: Cost analysis of rapid diagnostics for drug-resistant tuberculosis

Diagnostic Test Mean cost /sample ($) Effectiveness (days to XDR diagnosis) Incremental cost/sample ($US) Incremental effectiveness Incremental cost effectiveness ($/day saved)
MODS $30.04 14.3 days
MGIT $46.32 24.7 days $16.28 dominated dominated
PSQ $55.50 1.1 days $25.46 13.2 $1.93/day saved
LPA plus and sl $63.03 1.1 days $7.53 dominated dominated
  1. LPA Line-probe assay, MDR-TB Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, MGIT Mycobacteria Growth Indicator Tube, MODS Microscopic-observation drug-susceptibility assay, PSQ Pyrosequencing, US United States, XDR-TB Extremely-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis