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Table 1 Basic sociodemographic information data on the 144 cases with tuberculosis. ND refers to missing epidemiological data

From: A complex scenario of tuberculosis transmission is revealed through genetic and epidemiological surveys in Porto

  Study population
Sample size (n) 144
Males (n) 96
Age (years old, average) 49.0
HIV positivity (n) 9 (2 ND)
Homeless (n) 11 (2 ND)
Immigrants (n) 10 (1 ND)
Porto city (n) 89
Localities within Porto city (n) Aldoar, Foz and Nevogilde 9
Bonfim 10
Campanhã 15
Cedofeita, S. Ildefonso, Sé, S. Nicolau, Miragaia and Vitória 23
Lordelo Ouro and Massarelos 6
Paranhos 19
Ramalde 7
Porto suburban area (n) 55