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Table 5 Association between normalized HbsAg level and TLR polymorphisms

From: Correlation between polymorphisms in toll-like receptor genes and the activity of hepatitis B virus among treatment-naïve patients: a case-control study in a Han Chinese population

Genotypes Normalized HbsAg level (ng/ml)
rs1075993 wild type 4.69(0.57)
rs1075993 mutant 4.11(0.77)
P 0.051
rs3804099 wild type 4.37(0.78)
rs3804099 mutant 4.07(0.76)
P 0.014a
rs4696480 wild type 4.35(0.80)
rs4696480 mutant 4.02(0.73)
P 0.003a
  1. a P < 0.05