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Table 2 Mutation pattern of gyrA, gyrB, rrs, eis, rpoB, katG, inhA and embB genes

From: Comparison of line probe assay to BACTEC MGIT 960 system for susceptibility testing of first and second-line anti-tuberculosis drugs in a referral laboratory in South Africa

Drug Locus Mutation Frequency (no. of isolates)
OFX gyrA A90V 9
S91P 1
D94G 3
D94A 1
WT 2
KAN rrs A1401G 3
C1402T 2
RIF rpoB S531 L 46
D516V 27
H526Y 7
H526D 3
INH katG S315 T1 32
T8A 8
inhA C15T 14
EMB embB M306 V 15
M306I 9
  1. OFL ofloxacin, KAN kanamycin, RIF rifampicin, INH isoniazid, EMB ethambutol