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Table 4 Reasons for non-vaccination status among health care personnel at Muhimbili National Hospital (n = 150)

From: Hepatitis B vaccination coverage among healthcare workers at national hospital in Tanzania: how much, who and why?

Reasons Frequency (%)
I have never heard about the vaccine before 7 (4.7)
The vaccine is not available at my working place 44 (29.3)
I have not been offered a chance for HBV vaccination 98 (65.3)
I have no time for hepatitis B vaccination, very busy schedule 27 (18.0)
I am very careful, I observe standard precautions when I work 70 (46.7)
There is no enough education concerning HBV vaccination 62 (41.3)
I can’t afford the HBV vaccine 21 (14.0)
I was found infected on initial screening 8 (5.3)
I had HBsAb already on screening 10 (6.7)