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Table 1 Three Domains of Health Messages and Their Associated Knowledge Items

From: A two-month follow-up evaluation testing interventions to limit the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistant bacteria among Maasai of northern Tanzania

Bacteria AMR Health Benefits
   Thermometers Measuring Tapes and Dosing Chart
i. There is a variety of different kinds of bacteria i. Caused by improper use of antibiotics i. Helps kill bacteria and prevent AMR in milk i. Helps to calculate weight of animal
ii. Some bacteria can cause diseases ii. Can be transmitted from animal to human ii. Provides milk with “full” ingredients ii. Helps determine proper dose to administer to an animal
iii. They can be transmitted iii. Diseases resistant to medicines are difficult to treat   iii. Helps prevent the development of AMR
iv. Heat-treatment kills bacteria in milk    iv. It helps improve livestock health