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Table 1 Viruses utilized to assess the analytical specificity of the new point-of-need ZIKV RT-iiPCR assay

From: Evaluation of a field-deployable reverse transcription-insulated isothermal PCR for rapid and sensitive on-site detection of Zika virus

Virus strain Place and year of isolation Source
ZIKV PRVABC59 Puerto Rico, 2015 ATCC®
ZIKV FLR Colombia, 2015 ATCC®
ZIKV MR 766 Uganda, 1947 ATCC®
ZIKV IB H 30656 Nigeria, 1968 BEI
ZIKV H/PAN/2015/CDC-259359 Panama, 2015 BEI
ZIKV H/PAN/2015/CDC-259249 Panama, 2015 BEI
ZIKV H/PAN/2015/CDC-259364 Panama, 2015 BEI
DENV serotype 1, Hawaii Hawaii, 1944 BEI
DENV serotype 2, New Guinea C New Guinea, 1944 BEI
DENV serotype 3, Philippines/H87/1956 Republic of the Philippines, 1956 BEI
DENV serotype 4, H241 Republic of the Philippines, 1956 BEI
WNV NY99 New York, 1999 EVAg
CHIKV H20235/STMARTIN/2013 St. Martin, 2013 EVAg
  1. ZIKV Zika virus, DENV dengue virus, YFV yellow fever virus, WNV West Nile virus, CHIKV Chikungunya virus, N/A not applicable, ATCC ® American Type Culture Collection, BEI BEI Resources, NIAID, NIH, EVAg European Virus Archive