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Table 4 Result of infection timing for cross-sectional samples from 566 newly diagnosed individuals

From: Decision tree for accurate infection timing in individuals newly diagnosed with HIV-1 infection

INNO-LIA p31 LAg-Avidity EIA BED CEIA    Decision tree
n   Seroconversion Very early Early Recent Long term Advanced
Negative/ID Recent Recent Recent 24 Congruent 24      
Positive Recent Recent Recent 81   81     
Positive Long-term Recent Recent 56    56    
Positive Long-term Long-term Recent 74     71   3
Positive Long-term Long-term Long-term 313      313  
Positive Recent Long-term Recent 8 Incongruent       8
Positive Long-term Recent Long-term 1      1  
Positive Recent Long-term Long-term 9      9  
  1. Results that are in-line with the expectations when considering the differences in recency window are labeled as ‘congruent’ and results that are not in-line with these expectations are labeled as ‘incongruent’
  2. Abbreviations: ID indeterminate, EIA Enzyme Immuno Assay, CEIA Capture Enzyme Immuno Assay, INNO-LIA Innogenetics Line Immuno Assay