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Table 1 Commended entries from the global hepatitis testing innovation contest, 2016, organized by region (n = 31)

From: The HepTestContest: a global innovation contest to identify approaches to hepatitis B and C testing

Continent Country Organization (Organization Type) HBV/HCV Population Tested Setting Key feature of service delivery Health system programme practices
Africa Egypt Association of Liver Patients Care (NGO) and the Egyptian Liver Hospital (Hospital) HBV/HCV General population Community (non-clinical) SMS promotion
Community empowerment
Social marketing, decentralization
Africa Nigeria Federal Ministry of Health (Government) HBV/HCV General population Community (non-clinical) Social media SMS promotion, public-private partnership, task shifting
Asia India Community Network for Empowerment (NGO) HCV PWID, PLHIV, outpatients Community (clinical and non-clinical) Community empowerment Decentralization, task shifting, public-private partnership
Asia Mongolia Flagstaff International Relief Effort (NGO) HBV/HCV Health care workers, social workers, and family history of liver cancer Primary care clinics Integration with primary care Decentralization, integration with HBV immunization
Asia India Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (Research) HBV/HCV First degree relatives of HBV+ patients; PWID Health facility clinics Family-focused test promotion Integration with HBV immunization, task shifting
Asia India Medecins Sans Frontieres (NGO) HCV PLHIV Health facility clinics HIV-hepatitis integration Task shifting
Asia Indonesia Persaudaraan Korban Napza Indonesia (NGO) HCV PWID Urban sites Peer-based HIV-hepatitis integration, addiction service integration
Asia Australia St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and Justice Department, Victorian State Government (Hospital) HCV Prisoners on entry or transfer Prison Prison-based telemedicine Integration with primary care and addiction services
Asia Australia The Kirby Institute, UNSW Australia (Research) HCV PWID Community (clinic and non-clinical) Social media Social marketing, addiction service integration
Asia Malaysia University of Malaya-Center of Excellence for Research in AIDS (Research) HCV PWID Methadone clinic Methadone clinic-based services Harm reduction/addiction service integration, peer-based
Asia China Yunnan AIDS Initiative (NGO) HBV Pregnant women and partners Maternal and child health clinics Prenatal service integration HIV-hepatitis integration
Europe UK Barts Health NHS Trust (Hospital) HBV/HCV Emergency department patients Emergency department Social media HIV-hepatitis integration, public-private partnership
Europe UK Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (Hospital) HBV/HCV Emergency department patients (HIV-negative) Emergency department EMR, simplified pathway for emergency department testing HIV-hepatitis integration,
Europe Portugal IN-Mouraria (NGO) HBV/HCV PWID Substance abuse programs Comprehensive harm reduction services for PWID HIV-hepatitis integration, addiction service integration, peer-based, task shifting
Europe UK James Cook University Hospital (Hospital) HBV/HCV General population Health facility clinics EMR HIV-hepatitis integration
Europe Georgia Georgian Harm Reduction Network (NGO) HCV PWID Outreach mobile sites Methadone-based service delivery for PWID Decentralization, public-private partnership, task shifting
Europe Netherlands Public Health Service of Amsterdam (Government) HCV “At Risk” based on questionnaire Health facility clinics Web-based risk stratification and referral Use of social media to promote access
North America US Emory University/Grady Health System: Grady Liver Clinic (Research/Hospital) HCV Birth year (1945-1965) Primary care clinics EMR Decentralization
North America US Hep Free Hawaii (NGO) HBV/HCV General population Pharmacies EMR Use of social media to promote access, decentralization
North America US Horizon Health Center (Hospital) HCV New hospital and clinic patients/and untested for HIV in previous 12 months Health facility clinics EMR HIV-hepatitis integration
North America US Imagine Hope (NGO) HCV PWID Methadone clinics and substance abuse programmes Addiction service integration HIV-hepatitis integration, public-private partnership
North America US Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States (Hospital) HCV General population & birth year Primary care clinics EMR HIV-hepatitis integration
North America US Memorial Hermann Healthcare System (Hospital) HCV Birth cohort (1945-1965) Emergency department EMR HIV-hepatitis integration, public-private partnership
North America US National Nursing Centers Consortium (NGO) HCV Outpatients Primary care clinics EMR HIV-hepatitis integration, task shifting
North America US Philadelphia Department of Public Health (Government) HCV PWID, including homeless and sex workers Syringe exchange programmes Addiction service integration Task shifting, peer-based
North America US Project IMPACT (NGO) HCV General population Courthouse lobby and other sites Courthouse integration HIV-hepatitis integration, harm reduction.addiction service integration
North America US St Joseph’s Medical Center (Hospital) HBV/HCV General population and those with risk factors Health facility clinics EMR NA
North America US St. Lukes-CHI/Project ECHO (Hospital) HCV Birth cohort and among those receiving STD tests Primary care clinics Telemedicine Decentralization
North America US C a Difference, Drexel University (Research) HCV Outpatients Primary care clinics Social media HIV-hepatitis integration, decentralization
North America US Virginia Department of Health, Division of Disease Prevention (Government) HCV PWID Methadone clinics, substance abuse programmes Addiction service integration Decentralization, task shifting
North America US Asian Liver Center at Stanford University (Research) HBV Employees Workplace Workplace Public-private partnership
  1. SMS short message system, HBV hepatitis B virus, HCV hepatitis C virus, PWID people who inject drugs, PLHIV people living with HIV, STD sexually transmitted disease, EMR electronic medical records (for risk stratification and clinician reminders)