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Table 1 The list of primers used in this study and their predicted targets

From: Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasite var gene expression is modified by host antibodies: longitudinal evidence from controlled infections of Kenyan adults with varying natural exposure

Original primer name Name given Ref. Targets in 3D7 [16] Predicted NF54 target genes [16]
dbla_not_var3 gpA1 [16] All group A var (DBLα1.2, DBLα1.3, DBLα1.4, DBLα1.5, DBLα1.6, DBLα1.7) PFD0020c, PFA0015c, MAL6P1.314, PFI1820w, PFD1235w, PFE1640w, PF11_0008, PF08_0141, PF11_0521, PF13_0003
A2 gpA3 [38] Exon2 of group A var  
A3 gpA4 [38] Exon2 of group A var  
cidra1.4 dc13 [16] DC13 group A var (CIDRα1.4) PF11_0521
cidra1.1 dc8-1 [16] One group A, DC8-like var (CIDRα1.1) PFD0020c
dbla_cidra dc8-2 [16] Two group B, DC8-like var (DBLα2_CIDRα1) MAL6P1.316, PF08_0140
dblb12 & dblb3/5 dc8-3 [16] DC8-like var in group A and B (DBLβ12, DBLβ3) MAL6P1.316, PF08_0140, PFD0020c, PF13_0003, PF11_0521 PFD1235w
dblg4/6 dc8-4 [16] DC8-like var in group A and B (DBLγ4, DBLγ6) PFD0020c, MAL6P1.316, PF08_0140
B1 b1 [38] Conserved upstream of group B var  
C1 c1 [38] Conserved upstream of group C var  
Seryl-tRNA_synthatase   [39]   
Fructose_biphosphase aldolase   [39]   
  1. “Primer name” is the name of the primer in the original study (see reference column), “Name given” is the name given to the primer in this study. We included the primers gpA3 and gpA4 designed based on 3D7 genome (a clone of NF54) to independently capture group A expression. Primers were previously shown to amplify the 3D7 genes shown in the right-hand column [16]. Gene names in bold are group A var genes. New 3D7 gene names: PFD0020c = PF3D7_0400400; PFA0015c = PF3D7_0100300; MAL6P1.314 = PF3D7_0600400; PFI1820w = PF3D7_0937600; PFD1235w = PF3D7_0425800; PFE1640w = PF3D7_0533100; PF11_0008 = PF3D7_1100200; PF08_0141 = PF3D7_0800200; PF11_0521 = PF3D7_1150400; PF13_0003 = PF3D7_1300300; MAL6P1.316 = PF3D7_0600200; PF08_0140 = PF3D7_0800300