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Table 1 Mutations detected by qPCR-HRM and confirmed by DNA sequencing

From: Plasmid-based high-resolution melting analysis for accurate detection of rpoB mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Moroccan patients

Rifampicin phenotypic profile Amino Acid Change Nucleotide Change Number of mutations (Percentage) qPCR-HRM assay DNA Sequencing
Resistant (45) S531L TCG>TTG 32 (71.1%) Mutant Mutant
S531W TCG>TGG 2 (4.4%) Mutant Mutant
H526Y CAC>TAC 2 (4.4%) Mutant Mutant
H526L CAC>CTC 1 (2.2%) Mutant Mutant
H526C CAC>TGC 3 (6.7%) Mutant Mutant
No mutation - 5 (11.1%) Wild Wild
Susceptible (22) No mutation - -- Wild Wild