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Table 3 Sickle cell trait and educational outcomes

From: Relationships between sickle cell trait, malaria, and educational outcomes in Tanzania

  Child is currently in school Grade attained conditional on age
Unadjusted Odds Ratio (OR) Adjusted Odds Ratio (OR) Unadjusted grade difference Adjusted grade difference
Sickle cell trait 1.339 (0.676–2.654) 1.423 (0.593–3.412) −0.187 (−0.782–0.409) 0.0597 (−0.567–0.686)
Number of observations 704 555 697 650
  1. Notes: Adjusted models include all covariates listed in Table 1; dummy variables for each year of age are also included. Robust standard errors clustered at village level