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Table 2 List of different criteria to determine the performance of ELISA for diagnosis of scrub typhus

From: An ELISA assay using a combination of recombinant proteins from multiple strains of Orientia tsutsugamushi offers an accurate diagnosis for scrub typhus

Criteria used to determine ST casesa

Patient is considered ST

If ELISA IgG or IgM OD isb


≥ cutoff

< cutoff

1. IgG or IgM or both ≥400 or

2. 4-fold increase in IgG or IgM titer; or

3. PCR positive








  1. aIf IFA or PCR test results meet any of the criteria, the patient is considered ST positive
  2. bThe ODs of IgG or IgM ELISA were compared with calculated IgG and IgM ELISA cutoff values, respectively. If it was ≥ cutoff, the ELISA is considered a true positive (TP). If it was < cutoff, the ELISA is considered a false negative (FN)