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Fig. 1

From: Immunization with a DNA vaccine encoding Toxoplasma gondii Superoxide dismutase (TgSOD) induces partial immune protection against acute toxoplasmosis in BALB/c mice

Fig. 1

Construction of recombinant plasmid pEGFP-SOD. a The schematic diagram of construction of DNA vaccine. b Identification of recombinant plasmid pEGFP-SOD using gel electrophoresis analysis. Lane 1, recombinant plasmid pEGFP-SOD; Lane 2, recombinant plasmid pEGFP-SOD was double digested by Hind III and BamH I enzymes; Lane 3, recombinant plasmid pEGFP-SOD was digested by BamH I enzyme; Lane 4, PCR products of SOD gene from pEGFP-SOD; M represents DNA molecular marker

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