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Table 1 Description of studies in the systematic review and reported measures of test accuracy

From: Diagnostic accuracy of nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs) in urine for genitourinary tuberculosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Year Country Prospective data collection Double or single blinding Index test used Specific details of index test used Number of patients Specimens per patient Reference standard Reported sensitivity Reported specificity
Khan et al. [41] 2013 Pakistan Yes No In-house Real Time PCR IS6110, MPB-64, 16rRNA 50 3 CMUS A 88·6 96·5
Garcia-Elorriaga et al. [42] 2009 Mexico No No In-house Nested PCR
32-kDa, MTP40 and IS6110
20 1 a 100 82
Khosravi et al. [43] 2010 Iran Yes No In-house Nested PCR
200 1 A 100 100
Raghavendran et al. [44] 2016 India Yes No In-house PCR (gene target nor reported) 48 1 A 89·5 89·6
Hemal et al. [45] 2000 India Yes No In-house PCR
42 Unknown b 94·3 85·7
van Vollenhoven et al. [46] 1996 South Africa Yes No In-house PCR
M13 mp8
82 Unknown A 100 100
Moussa et al. [47] 2000 Egypt Yes No In-house PCR 16S rRNA 1000 3 CMUS A 87·05 98·9
Moussa et al. [47] 2000 Egypt Yes No In-house PCR IS6110 1000 3 CMUS A 95·59 98·11
Gamboa et al. [48] 1998 Colombia Yes No Commercial LCx M. Tuberculosis Assay 69 Unknown A 70 100
Hillerman et al. [49] 2011 Germany Yes Yes Commercial Xpert MTB/RIF 91 1 A 100 98.6
Tortoli et al. [50] 2012 Italy Yes Yes Commercial Xpert MTB/RIF 130 1 B 87·5 99·1
  1. CMUS continuous day- morning urine sample, A microbiological reference standard (positive culture), B broad reference standard (either a positive culture or clinical manifestations with adequate treatment response after a minimum one-month follow-up); aFinal Physician Decision considering culture and treatment response; badvanced and typical radiologic findings, positive urine smear or culture, and histologic examination of a biopsy or surgically resected specimen