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Table 1 List of variables in the Case Report Form

From: Disease burden and antimicrobial resistance of invasive group B streptococcus among infants in China: a protocol for a national prospective observational study

Category Items Measures
Infants Demographic information Birth hospital, date of birth, gender, birth weight, and gestational age
  Clinical information Date of onset of first symptoms, child’s admission date, symptoms, and diagnosis
  Laboratory information Date of sample collection, culture site, culture result, whether patient received antimicrobials prior to sterile sample collection
  Antibacterial therapy Antimicrobial susceptibility results, antibacterial agent’s name, dose, and duration
  Discharge results Discharge date, outcome and sequelae
Maternal Demographic information Maternal age, mode of delivery
  Clinical information Risk factors/complications of pregnancy during or after delivery
  Laboratory information GBS screening and result
  Antibacterial therapy Antibacterial treatment information